Alexander Nusraty, Washington, DC

Excellent! Hermetica LLC specialist was extremely professional, knowledgable and went above and beyond to ensure the work was done at the highest levels of workmanship. He recommended a few key outstanding ideas to ensure the work was done at the A+ quality level, for example:
- he recommended and explained why and how I should use a better underlayment than the standard one,
- when the edge slates were not going to look good due to the size of the cuts, he recommended and did a trial row for me to see how much better it would look with a larger slate for the edge pieces
- he always cleaned up the job site and put everything in a extremely clean, safe condition.
- He ensured each day he told me what he would accomplish, when the next rain was expected, and how he would ensure the roof was in a safe, leak-free condition. And he always met or exceeded what he said he would do.
- Great communication throughout, I felt very comfortable with everything
- a few wood members were damaged and he explained options and when I defered to his judgement, he chose the *right* solution rather than the easy solution.
- informed of the type of flashing work and copper flashing welding that needed to be done for the best quality and long-life of the project by using soldering of the copper flashing instead of just overlapping
OVERALL: Pleasure to work with, outstanding workmanship and the end result was beautiful.

Description of work:

Replaced 110+ year old slate roof on a victorian rowhouse in Washington, DC. Repaired + replaced wood sub-structure that needed to be replaced and installed flashings and all necessary elements to be completely watertight for the next 100 years.