We offer our clients the residential and commercial roofing repair and construction. We are skilled at locating minor and major leaks in various types’ roof sheathing. Knowledge of an exact issue allows us to disturb no more of an area than it needed for the repair. We come to you to resolve the issue, not to create any more. We evaluate the problem area in the roof and give the client budget based durable and efficient solutions.

Roofing Repairs: adding missing shingles/slates; cementing old nail holes in the roof sheathing; replacing aged vent boots; replacing flashing and sealing in skylights; replacing decayed roof deck boards; replacing valley flashings; adding missing drip edges; patching torn/punctured portions in TPO and rubber roof sheathing.

Roofing Replacement and Construction: TPO, EPDM, and BUR sheathing; three tab and architectural shingles; slate shingles; cedar shingles; copper sheet metal.

Roofing Accessories: skylights; soffits; fascia; gutters and downspouts.